Tallberg Corporation considers buying the Lauttasaari Manor

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The City of Helsinki has placed the Lauttasaari Manor and the Red Villa located on the same grounds on the open market. The City of Helsinki currently owns the property. The Tallberg Corporation is considering making a purchase offer for the property.

The company is investigating the requirements for the investment. Provided that the acquisition of the Manor is successful, the company intends to relocate its office to the second floor of the Manor and renovate the first floor for a coffee shop. The Red Villa would be leased out to the Lauttasaari Association as before. The Tallberg Corporation and Lauttasaari Association have signed a letter of intent on the lease.

The chairman for the Lauttasaari Association, Katri Penttinen regards the purchase intent of Tallberg Corporation as a significant “act of culture” and hopes that Tallberg succeeds in obtaining ownership of the Manor. Even historical reasons support it. The association is extremely hopeful that the use of the Red Villa will remain as it is.

The empire style main building of the Lauttasaari Manor dates back to 1837. The Red Villa is the oldest building on the island dating back to 1792. Both buildings and the lot are protected by the National Board of Antiquities. The main building of the Manor has been unoccupied for a long time and there have been various attempts to find use for the building without success. The City of Helsinki refurbished the Red Villa and leased it out to the Lauttasaari Association in 1983. The office of the Lauttasaari Association and the editorial office of the Lauttasaari News are situated in the Red Villa. The premises of the villa are also available for rent to everyone living in Lauttasaari for meetings and other occasions.

The CEO for Julius Tallberg Corporation, Mr. Martin Tallberg, explains that the company desires to take social responsibility for the preservation of the Lauttasaari Manor as a historical attraction. The company founder, Commercial Counsellor Julius Tallberg, bought Lauttasaari Manor and the surrounding land in 1911 from the heirs of Wilhelm Wavulin.

Julius Tallberg Corporation is a family owned company established in 1880. The company is the parent company of Tallberg Group which attends to the financing and participates in the development of its subsidiaries. The company is financially sound and it owns and manages a considerable real estate and stock portfolio wealth.

More information:
CEO, Martin Tallberg, Oy Julius Tallberg Ab, tel. +358 500413208, www.tallberg.fi
Chairman, Katri Penttinen, Lauttasaari-Seura ry, tel. +358 50 5916010, www.lauttasaari.fi

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